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Please enjoy reading the testimonials from our patients.  Hearing what others say about Chiropractic Care can help you make the right choices when it comes to your health care needs. 

Yours in Health,
Dr. Alisha Senechal


“I have suffered from low back pain most of my life. Last year the pain became so intense that it would travel down my leg to my toes. I was crippled and I missed most of the summer of 2013. I had tried a circuit of doctors, spinal surgeons and had two MRI’s taken. This resulted in a boat load of pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory with no attempt to fix the cause of the pain.”

“I then went to Senechal Family Chiropractic. They restored my quality of life and removed all my pain much quicker than I expected. They were also very affordable.”

​“Chiropractic Medicine has saved me more than once and I am a firm believer, it works!”

 B. Stevens


I have suffered from Chronic debilitating migraines since the age of 10.  Three migraines a week was not uncommon.  I cannot count how many days of my life passed me by, lying in a dark room, crippled from the throbbing pain.  A migraine is not just a headache.  A migraine is relentless. An intense pounding and throbbing pain that steals your energy and ability to function. A dread and anxiety that robs you of quality of life as you anticipate the next onset.

Doctors, neurologists, specialists, pain management, Imitrex pills, injections, Relpax, Maxalt, Inderal, Massage, Gluten Free, Yoga, MRI, ENT, numerous visits to the emergency room for injections that would leave me catatonic, the list goes on and on.  I finally gave up, accepting that debilitating migraines were a part of my life. 

November 2012… my last emergency room visit.  After my cocktail of injections, my husband carried me back to bed.  He wiped away the tears in his eyes, feeling helpless.  The following day I awoke from my catatonic state. I recalled seeing a new chiropractic clinic that had opened next to the urgent care clinic where I had become quite popular. I had tried everything else; there was nothing else to lose.  I surfed the web for information on Chiropractic care and Migraine headaches.  Despite my doubts that it could help me, I called the next day and had my first appointment with Dr. Senechal.  She took time to listen to my story.  She explained chiropractic care and the individualized course of treatment that she would use to address my concerns.  No way, I thought, is this going to work.  I reluctantly kept my appointment for x-rays and the rest as they say is history.

I will be 38 years old in January and I have been totally Migraine and medication free for over a year. It is still quite remarkable and unbelievable.  Dr. Senechal and her staff have given me my life back and for that I am forever grateful. 

​ Melissa F.


I am a certified Massage Therapist who has had the opportunity to be under Chiropractic Care by Dr. Senechal. Over the past eight months Dr. Senechal has eased my structural pain and has improved my concentration, energy and eye sight! I’ve come from an abusive childhood and my profession is quite physical, so I was skeptical with starting care. Needless to say, my treatments gave me the sense of safety and ease. I feel great and plan to continue Chiropractic Care thanks to her caring, informative and professional nature!

Jacqueline K.


Before I started getting regular adjustments, my upper back and neck were constantly tight from standing on my feet all day and answering the phone. Now my pain is almost gone, I haven’t been sick in over a year and I have more energy throughout the day!

Julie F.


I first met Dr. Senechal in July 2011.  I started working within the same clinic with her.  I would get headaches, neck pain, right shoulder pain and low back pain from time to time.  Sometimes the pain would be so bad that I had a hard time doing computer work for longs periods of time.  My symptoms would also interfere with my ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks and working out.  Since being treated by Dr. Senechal, my symptoms are gone and I am able to do the above tasks without any interruptions.  Thank you Dr. Senechal!

Dr. Keith G.


I went to see Dr. Senechal for neck and back pain.  After an examination she took x-rays of my neck and low back and found the cause of my problem. Through adjustments and therapy, I began to feel better and get stronger.  That led to a betters’ night sleep and a more productive lifestyle. I want to say thanks to Dr. Senechal for caring and being sensitive to my chiropractic needs.

Anita F.


My low back pain was so bad during pregnancy that I found it difficult to walk or perform job duties. At 32 weeks, I was ready to leave work because of the pain.  After seeing Dr. Senechal one time my back pain lessened and I can work, exercise and remain active! Chiropractic care has made it possible for me to maintain a healthy pregnancy!

Aprylle M.



Dr. Alisha Foster was my chiropractor for the first year after she graduated from Chiropractic College. Her ability to examine and diagnose was top notch.  When it came to the practical treatment of my neck and back problems, she was on top of her game and treated with confidence-which built my trust in her abilities. Most of all I was impressed with her bedside mannerism.  She is a great Chiropractor and is a plus to the profession.

Dr. Joseph F.



For as long as I can remember I have always had sinus problems and as I reached my late teens I started experiencing upper back and neck pain pretty frequently. I started seeing Dr. Senechal regularly and every time I came in to see her she was always smiling and her adjustments were effective and smooth. Some doctors who I’ve seen in the past were too rough and would leave me really sore after the adjustment. Dr. Senechal also gave me advice on things to avoid at the gym so that I didn’t strain my neck, as well as easy exercises I can do to strengthen my neck. After seeing her for just a few weeks my allergies improved as well as my neck and back pain. I went from having sinus infections two to three times a year to not having them at all. I strongly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking chiropractic care!

Jessie W.

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